Bubblegum Factory

It is a rainy, cold day in Ohio.  It is nearly eighteen degrees outside.  I am inside watching TV and all of a sudden, the phone rang.  I went over to the phone and picked it up and heard “Congratulations! You are the one hundredth person to watch TV today and you have won a […]

My Favorite TV Show

written by Jacob, 4th grade Everyone has a favorite TV show.  What is your favorite TV show?  My favorite TV show has over 200 episodes.  My favorite TV show is SpongeBob SquarePants because it is hilarious,  I watch it every day,  and it has over 200 episodes. First,  it is very funny.  For instance,  in […]

My Perfect Summer Vacation

My perfect summer vacation would be on a cruise ship in the Bahama’s!  It would last all summer and the whole thing would only be $150 for cruise and everything else!  It would take you to all 700 islands,  BUT we only get a few hours to stay there because there’s 700 islands to go […]

A Speech by a 4th Grader

As part of the 4th grade curriculum, my son had to write and present a speech all on his own.  This is what he wrote… “I am going to tell you guys a humorous story.  But, before I do, I must ask everyone a question. “Have you ever trapped your parents in your room?” If […]